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  • go to the app store/google play on your mobile device
  • search for “connected vehicle” and download the app
  • open COVI and click SIGN UP at bottom of login screen
  • enter your name, email, password
  • enter your dealer number (dealer information on contract), last 6 of vin (vehicle information on contract), & contract number (top right of contract)

  • open COVI, go to menu, and select “Find My Keys”
  • download Tile and create an account
  • make sure your bluetooth and location settings are enabled
  • hold down the “e” on your tile until it syncs with your phone
  • name your tile

    • select Keys on your Tile App then select Find
    • if your tile is within 100 ft, your tile will ring until you select done
    • to see where your keys were last seen, select View On Map
    • Share with Others so both of you can keep track of joint items